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…and we explain, how this works.
What we offer
We offer Event Shootings with later Event PR Magazine Production as a logical Event follow-up step. Generally a Event Shooting is a Event Documentation very first.
Think about it...
To share single event photos in Social Media is for every visitor meaningless. There is no context and no really related or associated story. And the half-life period is just some hours. 
Some facts: Nearly every event holder hires a photographer. Professional follow up steps with sustained yield is seldom.(Too much work and time) No professional solutions.
Every Event is or can be also direct or indirect a PR Event Location recommendation. Therefore every PR Event Magazine starts always with a location portrait without guests as a intro. Not till then follows the story about the regular Event.
Hospitality Event Location PR
That means:
Every Event PR Magazine is also a PR reference for the location.
Event Key visual
After finishing a Event PR Magazine CvdE-PRM-Clients will have a Event key visual for publishing in social media and messsenger with link address. http://www.hongandguang.pr-magazine.com
Every Event update is available any time with smartphone, new update key visual and same link.
Event Management Information
Expert in PR hospitality business.
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Event Shootings combined with a Event PR Magazine.
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