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Planning a private or commercial Event?
That means:
Event Management Information
Event Shootings combined with your own Event PR-Magazine.
For Event Holder and Hosts
Today guests make private event- photos with smartphones and share them in Social Media Accounts. But for a complete documentation with quality, event holder book a professional Photographer.
We combine Event Photography with a professional follow up Media Production from the beginning.
A temporary Event PR Magazine Supplement developed for Events.
This supplement tells your   complete Event Story with   conceptual Story-Book. Your Event PR Magazine gets an   own and independent domain and   link. For sharing in Social Media,   on web pages or in messengers,   CEA delivers a event key visual   with link. The Event Magazine is a smart-   phone version. Available any-   time, any place, everywhere. Guests share no more single   photos, but the complete event   story with key visual and link. The key visual can easily become   installed on a Event holder   web page with link to the   Event PR Magazine. On the other   hand the Magazine contains    enough back links to the holder   web page. Client web page and PR-Magazine   is a closed media circle. A first Event PR Magazine can   be available within 3-5 days   after and updates already some-   times at the same day. 
For commercial Event Holder
Sample Event Key visual with link Digiital Web Supplements
Event Shootings
We are in Asia and Europe.
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