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Business Portraits
The big misconception about business portraits In times of all around unreliable and ethically questionable actions, it is important to remember values that show stability, trust- worthiness and the ability to act.   The above seems to be recognized, in fact how would you justify the demand from leading managers and public figures for the so called business portraits shoots with professional photographers? Most of the times we realize that there is a misconception about what a real business portrait is all about, being classic portraits in the field of fashion, lifestyle and head shots the once that are mistakenly called business portrait. Although these kind of photos can influence the public perception and are widely used for media business applications, they cannot be classified as business portraits. In fact, a business portrait is focused on a specific person in full format. In this context, it is extremely important both the visual as well as the background story. In other words, it is important to make reference to the real business and professional environment. Without these elements any image would be just a „photo and not a business portrait.“ For the above reasons, a real business portrait is based on conceptual and creative requirements as well as high understanding of specific topic and effective content. I will give you an example: Business Portrait: Hotel Direktor (GM) 
Step 1/Photo Set 1: Location Shoot with brand placement 
This makes immediately clear which company, brand or institution someone stands for .
Cropped portrait photography at the
  desk, in a conference room or back office
The cropped portraits consist of both head shots and scene photos. The Headshot are used for media illustration, the scene photos are used to visualize the working environment. In the context of these photos, the first statements about personal paradigms, philosophy or ways of thinking may now be appropriate.
Step 2/Photo Set 2:
The Business Portrait becomes a PR-Story; both for the person concerned and for the company… We accompany the GM through his Hotel and photograph dynamic scenes:
In conversation with employees
+  Leadership competence +  Know how transfer +  Social skills
Relevant Service- und Performance-
+  Product competence +  Service competence +  Ability to act
Step 3/Photo Set 3:
In conversation with guests and
business partners
+  business and social acceptance +  Adequate to the function and role    
Step 4/Photo Set 4: Running PR Story
Accompaniment to events und meetings Documentation Media content mit Story context Statements This is how a business portrait should be designed so that it meets this demand with a media focus. We are happy to advise you in a personal conversation.
and colleagues
People act and formulate statements. In this respect people are responsible for the content of such statements. As a consequence, their actions impact directly their reputation.
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