Three options you should know: Traditional Classic Wedding Portraits Couple in wedding dress       Couple portrait       Single Portrait             On Location with unique       background scenes     For framed prints     Photo Book Production     Invitations        Incentive and gifts     etc.
The couple story This is a kind of emotional reportage about the story and relation development of getting to know each other, similarities and experiences or already the common life. This option is based on a conceptual storybook, we write and photograph together.
The wedding event Wedding Event Photography is a documentation shoot with specification sheet we will discuss for your individual requirements. In order to share the event photos as quickly as possible with guests and participants, I recommend the production of an Event.PR-Magazine.
Now let‘s talk about the most important …    question.
What do you plan with all the Photographs you will have when the event is done?
Here comes a list of proposals with reasons.
The personal Master Piece Book 20 double pages with the couple‘s most emotional and personal moments. The Master Piece is not just any book. Designed and produced by Christian von der Eltz fulfills this book gallery requirements. It is a Art Matters Stuff - production and with it a heritage. Prints and framed big prints              Collection Box: 25 or 50 selected              photographs (5 x 8,5 cm) archived in an              elegant box with decorative ribbon.              Can be a incentive, a gift or a personal              „small treasure.“
We print any size also as a „blow-up“ or framed Artworks with Hahnemuhle Rag paper. One of the finest papers you can get in the market. We are happy to advise you before the shooting for a later planning.