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Random (Street) Spot Portraits and Scenes.
Any time. Any place.
Real photographer have another perception. They are observer all the time with the view for special moments, people and scenes. And they never leave their studio, office or home without a camera. Ready to capture photos they are never arrangeable with a organised photo shoot. You should consider: Over 50 percent of all photo artworks in galleries are portraits and street photographs, documentation and reportage. Printed and framed they tell us stories and fix unforgettable moments. And that creates real values.
Maybe we met us and there is a photo, which could be interesting for you. Take a look to the Spot-Portrait Gallery, there you can find it after our announcement. The photograph itself is without costs but for retouching we charge 35 RMB (6,50 Euro) per photo. After payment with wechat we deliver your photograph also with this messenger ready to upload in all social media you like for private use. The photo format is edited with a final size about 750 Pixel. But of course we can also deliver a quality print in every size you like for framing. For this please take contact again.
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